Floating License

This is the most common Ventsim™ license type. A Floating License operates in the following manner:

  • Assigned to a company site and activated on a single computer
  • May be transferred between computers at the same site
  • Can only be run on one computer at a time
  • Is managed at our central Ventsim™ license server – requires internet access to activate/deactivate/transfer the license

USB Hardware License

This license operates similarly to the Floating License, however it is accessed via a USB key instead of the internet. The same user/computer activation restrictions apply to this license as to the floating license.

Server License

Server licenses allow for the management of multiple licenses for a single site. This type of license is ideal for organisations that require multiple installations and users of Ventsim™.

Licenses can be managed locally by the organisation or on our central Ventsim™ server.

- Internet Server License

  • Multiple licenses for an organisational site are managed by our Ventsim™ server. These are automatically activated and released in Ventsim™ as required (when Ventsim™ software is opened and closed).
  • Requires continuous internet connection
  • Automatic activation requires an available license
  • Licenses can be loaned from the server to allow offline use or prevent others from activating/using the software

- Local Server License

  • Similar to an Internet Server License, however the Site administers the license management software locally
  • Does not require continuous internet connection