Call for Presentations

The Ventsim™ User conference is a great opportunity for the Ventsim team to present the latest Ventsim features and our roadmap. It is also the occasion for users to share their experiences in mine ventilation and how Ventsim has assisted their work. 

Abstracts must be submitted by the 31st of July.


Suggested topics include:

  • Ventilation modelling
  • Coal, Metalliferous or Tunnelling Ventilation Design challenges
  • Unique or novel uses for ventilation simulation
  • Safety and Productive initiatives
  • Calibration and Validation of Ventilation models or
  • Specific modelling topics about fans, heat, refrigeration, gas, radon or contaminants


The ideal presentation would:

  • Highlight case studies where specific features in Ventsim have been used (fire, spreadsheet, etc)
  • Display techniques or methods developed to use Ventsim more efficiency or accurately
  • Use our Ventsim software in an unusual or challenging jobs.


All presenters are required to register to attend in person. Presenters who are unable to attend in person due to COVID restrictions regarding international travel, will be required to submit a pre recorded video if their presentation is chosen. By the end of July, 2021  registrants will be sent an email notifying them if their abstract/ presentation has been approved.


If you have any questions, please contact Florian Michelin at [email protected]

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