2020 Ventsim User Conferences for Australia and Canada

Howden VentSim is excited to announce we will be hosting our first Ventsim™ user conferences in Brisbane, Australia on 14-16th October 2020 and in Toronto, Canada on August 18-19th 2020

Organised as a two (2) day conference and a one (1) day optional workshop for VentSim software users and professionals in the mining and tunnelling ventilation industry, a series of presentations focusing on the modelling and implementation of ventilation systems, safety design, efficiency and productivity will be given from guest keynote speakers, industry participants and some of our VentSim team

A call for presentations from industry will be invited from the community early in the new year 2020 with topics suggested to include ventilation modelling case studies, coal and metaliferous ventilation design challenges, unique or novel uses for ventilation simulation, safety and productivity initiatives, calibration and validation of ventilation models, or specific modelling topics about fans, heat, refrigeration, gas, radon or contaminants.  

In addition, the VentSim team of software programmers and engineers will be presenting the roadmap for the future versions, and new software under development. 

The conference will be a great opportunity to meet and share knowledge with other participants, listen and learn from informative presentations about ventilation design and modelling, and to discuss and provide feedback to the VentSim team.

More information will be posted early in the new year, however please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to express your interest in attending.