Official Releases

To install the programs, download the executable file below, click "Run" and follow the directions.

Ventsim DESIGN - Full Version 6.0

Ventsim DESIGN - Full Version 5.4

Ventsim DESIGN - User Manual Version 6.0

Ventsim Tunnel DESIGN 1.0


Duct Calculator

Ventsim Safety

Ventsim HVAC

Ventsim Lite

Pumpsim™ DESIGN Latest Version

Latest Release Notes
For archived versions of Ventsim, please visit the Archive page.

Ventsim will run in “View Only” mode if no license is present.

Latest versions will only work if the license maintenance period is valid.

* All prices in AUD (Australian Dollars) and does not include GST..
** License is per PC or individual. Licenses contain “virtual keys” restricting use to one PC at a time.
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