World-class ventilation-on-demand (VOD) that optimises energy usage and supports net-zero goals. This cutting-edge software solution remotely monitors and automates airflow, heating, and cooling systems, ensuring enhanced sustainability, safety, efficiency, production, and noticeable ongoing cost savings.



We know every investment into mining infrastructure and technology needs to benefit production. This is why Ventsim CONTROL is the smart choice for your mine, with no compromise on safety and delivering maximum results, with payback periods as little as 6 months. Ventsim CONTROL provides the following:

  1. Streamlined Health and Safety
    • Automate fan control and eliminate manual intervention, ensuring a seamless and safe operation.
    • Dynamically adjusts airflow to meet safety and regulation requirements on active levels.
  2. Optimised Energy Savings
    • Unlock significant energy savings ranging from 10% to 70% by leveraging our advanced ventilation system software.
    • Intelligent algorithms enable precise energy management, contributing to cost efficiency and sustainability.
  3. Maximised Production
    • Accelerate gas dispersal, reducing production downtime by up to 3 hours per production blast.
    • Enhance overall production output through swift and efficient ventilation control.
  1. Precise and Heightened Efficiency
    • Achieve real-time calibration, matching exact airflow requirements for both personnel and machinery.
    • Minimise air wastage through dynamic adjustments, ensuring optimal efficiency at all times.
  2. Improved Sustainability
    • Contribute to environmental goals by actively monitoring and reducing thousands of tons of CO2 emissions.
    • Support sustainability initiatives with our system designed to minimize your carbon footprint.
  3. Assured Regulatory Compliance
    • Monitor and control contaminant gases to ensure compliance with regulations.
    • Safely adhere to workplace standards, facilitating smoother returns to work.

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5 Levels of Control

There is a perception that ventilation on demand is expensive. This is simply not the case as there are many options available to suit all budgets and requirements. Ventsim CONTROL provides 5 levels, with each being more superior and offering greater returns. Each level can be considered a step to achieving a safer, more efficient, more productive and cost efficient operation. There are even further steps outside of the model shown where we can effectively lower upfront costs and shorten payback periods. Talk to us today to find out more. Contact us for a quote today >>


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"I was amazed at just how simple and quick the commissioning of Ventsim CONTROL was."


"The true savings potential was realised when our payback period was only 6 months."


"Ventsim CONTROL truly removes many of the manual and very time consuming tasks I previously had to carry out daily."

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