Airflow Regulators and dampers

Howden airflow regulators and dampers are an integral art of Ventsim CONTROL Optimized Mine Ventilation Systems.

With designs based on decades of experience and expertise in mine ventilation,
Howden offers standard regulators and customized configurations to suit your application requirements.

Engineered for high-performance, trouble-free operation

  • Robust and durable, built for extended problem-free use over many years.

  • Tried and tested opposed-blade louver design.

  • Manufactured from heavy-gauge steel galvanized in a hot-dip process.

  • Rugged outer shell protects the gears and bearings from knocks and rough treatment typical in underground mines.

  • Over-torque protection device prevents damage to the louvre blades if excess force is applied.

  • Moving parts are pared down to reduce wear and minimize maintenance.

  • Designed for optimized flow control, with the opposed blade system providing precise flow regulation.

  • Regulator quickly adjusts from fully open to fully close.

Sized to fit your requirements

Our Howden mine ventilation engineers carry out a detailed analysis of local conditions to determine the optimum size for your needs. Their proposed  configuration is verified and validated through extensive computer modeling of the system.

Framed design eases installation and maintenance

Each unit is manufactured with a separate, pre-fabricated frame which is fitted into a bulkhead in advance. The regulator is then bolted on to the frame. This frame design makes installation exceptionally fast and straightforward and makes it easy to remove the unit for access, if required.

Regulators are manufactured and tested and then shipped for on-site installation and commissioning by our local specialist mining engineers.

The simple plug-and-play design allows regulators to easily be added to existing and new systems.

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Built-in sensors plus advanced communication capabilities

  • An actuator offers remote and local control
    options; and may incorporate pre-installed
    bi-directional flow sensors (BFS).
  • The actuation mechanism and monitoring
    functions can be integrated into Howden
    Monitoring and Control Stations as part
    of an automated mine ventilation
    management system.
  • Input and output signals are provided via
    configurable 4–20mA connections.