Ventsim™ DESIGN

Ventsim™ DESIGN is an underground mine ventilation simulation software package designed to model and simulate ventilation, airflows, pressures, heat, gases, financials, radon, fire and many other types of ventilation data from a model of tunnels and shafts.

Ventsim™ Advanced uses advanced compressible flow modelling, including automatic density and fan curve adjustment, automatic natural ventilation simulation and prediction of temperatures and humidity due to rock strata, auto compression, diesel equipment and electric motors.

Ventsim™ DESIGN


  • Compressible Flows – compressible airflows effects at depth are modelled
  • Thermodynamic environmental simulation
    • Heating and Cooling – includes heat or refrigeration options in network analysis
    • Rock Thermal Input – predicts heat and moisture eminated from rock strata
    • Diesel Equipment – predicts heat and humidity generated by diesel equipment
    • Natural ventilation – uses thermodynamics to simulate natural ventilation effects
  • Dynamic blasting – Blasting fume animated dynamic spread time and clearance time dispersion
  • Diesel Particulate Simulation – utilises diesel engine sources to estimate DPM levels throughout the mine
  • Dynamic Heat and Gas Distribution – Individual heat and gas time based simulation and spread through model with graphing

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Ventsim™ Premium includes all features of Ventsim™ Advanced as well as Fire Simulation, VentLOG™ ventilation survey record software, Escape Routes and the Duct Calculator.

Ventsim™ DESIGN


  • All features of Ventsim™ Advanced
  • Dynamic Heat and Gas programmable events – heat, air or gas changes can be introduced at pre-programmed dynamic intervals
  • Radon Simulation – Predict worker exposure levels based on radon emission rates from different areas, and the length of time the gas is allowed to remain in the mine atmosphere based on your ventilation design.
  • Escape Routes – Find the shortest path to a refuge bay or surface from any point in the mine
  • VentLOG™ – Software package to record survey data, export to plans and overlay on Ventsim™ models
  • Fire Simulation to predict fire heat, gases and flow direction
  • Duct Calculator

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