VentSim Design 5.2 Release Notes

Ventsim™ Design 5.2 is a major upgrade to Ventsim™ 5.1 and includes many new features and improvements.

5.2 Release Notes

VentSim Design 5.2 has a few significant changes to the Ventsim User Interface

User Interface Changes

  • New simpler configuration of 3D graphics visibility options
  • Data Manager minor update to managing colors
  • New easier way to assign icon to presets
  • New Connect UI
  • Draw guides showing angle and length when drawing airways
  • Legend
  • New Edit Box (using property grid)
  • Model Explorer
  • New ability to draw custom airway profiles
  • Color Distance to Surface / Refuge Bay
  • Licensing can now read your license settings directly from the pdf file
  • File Inherit can now select which items to inherit
  • Spreadsheet tool has new sorting and filtering tools
  • Zoom to specific Graphics Layer
  • Minor change to Fan Database
  • Apply to Specific Stages (see screen shots below)
  • Add Scale Manager as a separate View
  • Improvements to Activity Track Editor
  • Irregular shape selection

Simulation Changes

  • Dynamic Simulation will now include dynamic behavior on activity tracks
  • Vehicle presets and Piston Effect
  • Filter presets
  • Gag wizard, and option to include water vapor in Gas Simulation
  • More Goal Seek! Options
  • Explosive Presets and calculation of gas products in Explosive Simulation

Refer to the user forums for further detail about each new feature…