VortexOHS™ is a modular Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene System. Designed to make ventilation and hygiene professional's work easier and faster, VortexOHS helps you to plan surveys, collect information and generate reports in just a few clicks. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of data collection and reporting processes.

The first module is a comprehensive Occupational Hygiene Management tool. This module has been specifically designed to assist Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene professionals get the most out of their sampling programmes.

If you are experiencing challenges in managing your sampling programmes and related sampling strategies, we have the solution for you!

From recent surveys, VortexOHS users say that it takes:

Less than 15 mn

to create a sampling program.

Less than 15 mn

to generate DMRE reports.

With the VortexOHS™ Occupational Hygiene Sampling Module you can:

  • Set up your company details, personnel information and HEG’s.

  • Keep a register and service history of all your instruments.

  • Easily create numerous sampling programmes and related sampling strategies in minutes.

  • View all the sampling strategies in a calendar, or a report.

  • Capture and keep a database of all sample results.

  • Generate statutory (DMRE and OREP) reports.

  • Report on a specific employee or HEG exposure.

  • View the status of all sampling strategies and the level of exposure risk to different pollutant categories in a dashboard.

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